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Six Impressive Bridge Designs

In most parts of the world, bridges are common structures, and they perform the vital role of linking places that were once deemed inaccessible. A bridge makes it easy to traverse a landscape that was impassable initially and it also significantly reduces traveling distances. For instance, a bridge can be built over a river so that people can between the two lands with ease. The significance of bridges cannot be underestimated in modern society but have you ever wondered how many types of bridges exist? If you do not have an idea, then continue reading to learn more about various bridges available and other vital info.

The arch-shaped bridge design. From their name, you can guess rightly that the bridges are arch-shaped. They are the most popular types of bridges, and they have been around for a long time compared to other design of bridges. Despite being popular in the ancient days, they are still useful in the modern world because they are simple to construct. Nowadays, steel and concrete are used for constructing arch bridges, and that is a departure from the past when stones were the main construction materials.

The cable-stayed bridge design. This is an outstanding design, and apart from performing its purpose, it adds beauty to the environment. It is outstanding, and it attracts attention in places that it is constructed. It has cables supporting the roadway to the towers. The cables hold the bridge, and for a moment, you might think that the bridge is suspending. Cable designs popularly used for the bridge are fan and harp.

The utility bridge design. If you have ever heard about temporary bridges, then the utility bridge is one of them. They are constructed for temporary use in places that are difficult to access from one side. They make it possible to reach places which seem not accessible. On the internet, you can find a website that has lots of details about utility bridges, and you can gain relevant insights into its working and materials for construction.

The suspension bridge design. Of all the bridge designs available, this is the most noticeable. It might appear as a simple suspending bridge, but it entails a lot of techniques to construct. When there is a long distance between lands to be linked, a suspension bridge is the most appropriate. Cables, ropes or chains hold its roadway to a strong tower which is at the middle of the bridge.

The beam bridge design. Other types of bridges might seem complex but this one is not, and it does not require lots of techniques to put up. It uses beams, and in most cases, it is straight. It is also one of the oldest bridge designs, and in the old days, it was constructed using wooden beams.

The pontoon bridge design. Have you ever heard about a floating bridge? It is on water and floats with the help of boats or floats. The bridge is designed for light uses by pedestrians and light motor vehicle.