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How to Get a Property Rezoned

Rezoning of property can be advantageous because of two reasons. First, there is a high increase in the value of a rezoned property, and it gives the owner the opportunity to subdivide the property into smaller lots or even sell to a developer, who can then subdivide it. The council in charge is the one that gives out a strategic plan of rezoning in detail. However, this does not mean that the plan will always come into reality but when you are building, you require to apply for development from the local council. The entire process of rezoning is difficult and can cost the people involved heavily. The following is an ideal procedure for getting your property rezoned.

First, you need to conduct thorough research. From the research, ensure that you get the local rules for zoning and ordinances. Determine whether the property fits within the laws of zoning in your specific neighborhood. For you to change the current zoning classification, you need to be aware of the classification and the classification that you want to change to by the time you are submitting the application. Some of the minor work will not need DA approval.
More to the research, you also need to visit the local council. They will have the necessary information that will guide you such as maps, property surveys, and traffic studies. When lodging the application, consider the environmental protection policies in the state you live in. Some of the considerations that you will make under this include the examination of whether the development could affect the environment or the locality and how this can come up if it is the case. The visit to your local council will certainly cost you. Ensure you understand the costs you will incur due to the consultation before you seek it. The consultation does not guarantee the approval of your rezoning proposal. However, if it goes through, you should also be well equipped with the development application fees.

After filing the application, you should wait for the commission in charge of planning to complete the analysis of your application. After this, they will conduct a meeting that is legislative in nature. Make the case and reply to questions raised by both the members of the board and the members of the public, after which the decision on whether to move on with the rezoning will go on for a vote.

The entire process should take just a few months if the request is simple, but the more complicated cases take up to one year. In the law, there are provisions, which allow you to apply for a review when your application is declined. Some of the common mistakes made during this process include providing wrong landowner details, missing deadlines for a development application, and ignorance of the covenants that put some restrictions on the property, which can prevent any development works. Hiring a town planner can be beneficial to you because they will put their knowledge and skills into assisting you to comply with the assessment requirements. You can do this on consultation bases where you can be charged per hour.

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