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Tips for Staying Safe Online.

All things considered, identity theft is something you should never want to come across. In the year 2017, 14 million people in America reported that their credit cards had been stolen and 150 million social security numbers were also exposed. These are alarming numbers which is why everyone who is using the online platform has to protect himself or herself. Thus, you should be keen when using the internet so that you do not end up in such. First of all, you ought to be careful about the posts you make. Instagram is one place you can go to if you are looking for amazing images. If you want to new ideas then this is where you should go and it is also a great source of inspiration. Even so, not everyone on Instagram has good intentions. You should be vigilant when posting. No personal information should accompany the photos. The front of your house should be left out when taking pictures and do not have mail on your space when snapping the pictures. Additionally, you need to encrypt your data. Nowadays, you will use online platforms which require you to send your social security number, your credit card number or even addresses. When you pass the data through an encryption software your information will be secure because the letters and numbers will be scrambled making sure the cybercriminals do not get it. To read more about this service you can view here.

Remember to clear the cache regularly. Most of the available browsers are notorious when it comes to saving user information. The browsers monitor your activity as far as uploading items online and downloading goes. You avoid any breach of privacy associated with that by clearing your browsing history on a regular basis not to mention emptying your cache. When the information is left to sit there for a long time, hackers can get a hold of it and get into your accounts. It is time you adopted an anti-clutter lifestyle if you are yet to do so. You ought to avoid free WiFi as much as you can. When you are traveling you can fall victim to this. Any person using public WiFi can hack into your files and even steal money from your bank accounts. You will be much safer using a personal hotspot which can be done using any smartphone. You should also not be quick to respond to everyone who seems friendly. This is especially for Facebook and Instagram users. This is how catfishers get their victims. View here for more about the precautions you can take online or check this page for more about the same.